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by Francyl Gawryn

Released 2019
Released 2019
Songs to soothe the soul and soar the Spirit! A collection of personal and fresh inspiration with soaring melodies and engaging lyrics.
This collection of songs ranges from pieces I've written starting in the 1970's up to the present. Recorded At Abbey Road Studios in August of 2019, this represents a short group of pieces that I've wanted to record for some time now. They represent not only different eras of my life, but also different facets of my personal spiritual journey. "Beloved" is an unabashed love song to God, expressing an intimacy and warmth that, frankly, I wish I always felt!. "I Cannot See Your Face" written sometime in the 1970's, highlights my desire to see those angels who watch over us at all times. "If You Will Walk Toward the Light" was inspired by the Gospel of John, Chapter 12:35-36. I found peace and strength there during a harrowing time of my life. "The Highlands of Heaven" comes from one of my favorite early American Folk Spirituals. The melody is an ancient Gaelic air, 'Brochan Buirn' and is a variant of the Scottish tune 'Braes o' Balquhidder.' I celebrate my Gaelic roots! 'He Restores My Soul' is my setting of Psalm 23. 'Come Beloved' was inspired by the beautiful desert and mountain landscape that surrounds my home. 'In the Stillness' was written when living in Seattle, exploring the wonders and surprises of contemplative prayer. I hope this little collection brings you some moments of life-giving peace in our harried world.

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