The Feminine Journey

Francyl Gawryn

A compendium of mixed musical styles including blues, folk, orchestral arrangements, choral settings and guitar and vocal solos taking you through a musical spiritual journey of the feminine soul.

This recording is a journey story of a modern woman who is seeking to find wholeness within herself, in the world around her and with the Sacred. It was conceived as a collaboration between the ancient Greek myth, "Eros and Psyche" and one woman's own personal spiritual journey story. It is being used as a template for a workshop with other women who might like to explore their own spiritual journey story and discover the spiritual riches hidden in the secret places of everyday life. It takes you on a tour through the delightful, the harrowing, the mystical and the very ordinary everyday experience of the feminine soul as seen through the eyes of the composer. As you listen, you will be invited to take the hand of the innocent maiden child, the wild adolescent, the bold young woman, the exasperated and distracted mother, the lost middle aged woman and the wise crone, and lead all of them to a place of home and peaceful rest.

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