The Contemplative Cat 

September 8, 2015

As I walked in to work this morning, one of the members of the church I work for greeted me with the word, “troubadour.”  I thought it was amazingly intuitive of him to spontaneously respond to the subject matter of my mental process this morning by thoughtlessly throwing out a label for me that I have worked so hard all my of life NOT to represent.  Troubadour.  It conjures up images of a strangely dressed, carefree musical vagabond with instrument, roaming from town to town with no home…

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My Sermon Given on Mother's Day, May 10, 2015 


Genesis 17 – 18

When God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, meaning “Father of many nations” and changed

Sarai’s name to Sarah, He told them that Sarah would bear Abraham a son.  Abraham was at that

time ninety nine years old and Sarah was ninety.  At the prospect of becoming parents at this

age, Abraham “fell on his face and laughed.” And, when Sarah heard the news that she was to

become a mother - - at ninety? She laughed too, though she…

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A Song for Dad, "Here in Late November" 

The dark days gather early now There's rain upon my window The winter mists come stealing round As daylight greets my pillow These days are a time for mourning While all the world remembers I remember seeing you Here in late November Your photograph is on the wall With your little family A hundred years and more have passed Since it was taken For half those years I've seen your face Glowing as an ember I remember knowing you Here in late November Thank you for the music Thank you for the song Thank you…Read more